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I don't even want a querty OSK

Having spent a number of years on Nokias with T9 I have found that predictive text just gets in the way. Why don't OS writers for mobiles accept that qwerty is not a necessity and that making virtual keys smaller than human digits leads to more mistakes than can be fixed by autocorrection. As a downside I do accept that T9 does require a basic grasp of spelling but if they word you expect doesn't come up, the chances are you spelt it wrong.

A virtual T9 would leave space for fat fingered people and still leave space on the side for a couple of function keys such as Sym(bol), Undo, Dict(ionary options), and maybe even a quick paste key so that you don't have to wait for the fone to decide that yes the bit of text you just cut wants to be pasted.

Also with a but of just positioning it could sit on the right (or left) in landscape mode instead of wasting 55% of the screen by spreading across the entire width.

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