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The Reg make no efforts that way. Not even tokens. Not even tests.

The hostname used for most images,, has been returning an AAAA record, and has been usable over IPv6, since at least (let me check the changelog) three years ago.

My last comment on the matter of IPv6 still stands:


I'd much rather read a good article on the systems behind the Reg

See the ("under the hood") page; you can always fire off an email to webmaster@ and I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

As to your question about project management and "technical embarrassment" - you might be right; after all, it's a very small team and we're bound to get things wrong, or done slowly :)

Specifically about IPv6 on thereg, the main reason progress has been slow on the matter for the past few months (couple years now actually) is that I've not been able to secure a "proper" IPv6 connection for testing things properly with. This obstacle has now been stepped over, and as soon as my schedule frees up to allow me to do such tests, fix bugs and enliven things - there'll be IPv6 on thereg.

Mind you that adding IPv6 to ElReg is a little bit like adding icing to the cake. I can work on that icing once the cake's actually looking and tasting good, but if it looks like somebody stomped on it, I can't work on the icing and need to hold it off.

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