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I wonder

Are all the people leaving github going to stop using git too?

As the work on this filesystem came about because of the major speed improvements made by MS when they adopted git as their system of choice for the windows codebase and the issues they encountered. (They're probably quite unique with their codebase size and history length).

As someone who remembers when MS were basically unable to use anything not developed in house (and the evilness that went with it) I find the new more modern MS much more refreshing, you wouldn't get things like this or the Linux subsystem under Balmer or Gates.

They're still a large software company, and they're still money driven but they really don't seem to be the MS of old. (Which in some ways is really weird, they still have the desktop monopoly they've always had, but people don't care any more; still makes them pots of cash though, PCs in companies aren't going away any time soon).

It's okay though, the anger and hatred transfers nicely to Oracle these days. ;)

This blog is worth a read.

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