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I read the Wikipedia article "List of unusual units of Measurement" and now I'm wondering how many IPv4 addresses fit into the complete works of Shakespeare. after calculating stats on loading the page (wait, what? the works of Shakespeare are not a fixed thing, now he is dead?) reports that

There are 884,421 total words in Shakespeare's 43 works. says that for English, the average word length is 5.1. hmm. Close enough?

Add one for punctuation

(5.1+1) * 884,421 = 5,394,968.1 should be a fairly close estimation. But wait, that's modern English. Does Shakespeare's English differ?

Luckily enough, Copyright has expired, and the texts are available online from e.g.

Strip out the blurb to leave just the works and we have: 5,461,565

Hey, the estimation was pretty close!

We're forward thinking so lets use UTF-8 instead of ASCII. That's 87385040 bits of data. That's enough to store 2,730,782 IP addresses.

So the complete works of Shakespeare is a little under 2,3/4 MIP

*takes a bow*

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