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IPv6 seems to be based on the premise that it would be cool for every device everywhere to be findable with the same address.

Nope, more IP addresses are needed than IPv4, but the sensible addressing helps routing and reduces latency. IPv6 comes with privacy extensions to reduce the risks of having such specific ip addresses because IPv6 doesn't require a device to have a single, static ip address.

It seems to be a solution looking for a problem

No, it's more like IPv4 has been kept around by a whole heap of kludges and workarounds (mainly carrier NAT). These have increased the stop energy or inertia of the system which has led to more kludges and workarounds. We don't really notice the problems and costs associated with the fixes in the West but in the many countries with large populations and small IPv4 address spaces, it has been causing problems for years. Hence, unsurprising to see IPv6 being adopted in places like India: get it right and you've got quite a few less problems to worry about.

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