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I would prefer my tech journalists to stop whining about poor take-up of IPv6 when there is literally no reason not to instruct their host "turn on IPv6" on a test domain. It's seriously overdue given the amount of ribbing they want to give others, not that it's a vital technical resource. It's like mocking everyone for not using Windows 10 when they're stuck on XP.

Hell, it would make a whole series of interesting articles: How The Reg went IPv6, the problems we hit, and why haven't you done it yet?

Instead we get junk like this:

Where there are literally two posts in the comments... me asking "WTH is this", and some random guy commenting "I don't know either", and that's it. Still none the wiser.

But yet every month, without fail, we get more and more dire warnings, articles about IPv4 allocations running out, coupled with statements like "It's about time everyone moved on because there are no addresses left", etc. but The Reg make no efforts that way. Not even tokens. Not even tests.

To be honest, the Reg reader survey is entirely "BI"-focused, yet most of their readers appear to be techy and wanting to forget just about anything to do with such managerial buzzwording - science, tech, sure. I'd much rather read a good article on the systems behind the Reg and what they use and how they implement a major project, than some guff. I suspect, however, that it would be technically embarrassing for them.

Journalists are journalists. But if they're sniping at the big places for not being ready, then they cannot ignore their own, much smaller, much easier, neglected internal system. Has The Reg updated their routers etc. against VPNFilter? What are they doing about Spectre/Meltdown? And how can they claim to be a good source of advice, articles and news about such things if they can't manage the basics?


Add an AAAA record to it.

Activate IPv6 on the frontend servers for that subdomain.

When it works, advertise it as a "prototype" and then start fixing things like logins, logfiles, etc. to work on it.

Even if it takes a year, two years, to get up-and-running you can THEN be sarky about places not supporting IPv6.

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