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Stern Vint Cerf blasts techies for lackluster worldwide IPv6 adoption

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Frustrating for him

It must be frustrating for Vint Cerf to have fathered the internet yet be unabled to really influence what people are doing with it. I think Tim Berners-Lee must be feeling the same with respect to the WWW.

Respect to both for their visionary ideas and what they've given us, but I don't think even they could have seriously imagined that in such a short time we would be in a world where people can own and use multiple independent and separately- addressable devices.

This world has grown from people running with what they invented and isn't (was never) controllable by them.

As with real fathers, they ought to be listened to with respect, but they shouldn't expect to have too much influence - they have to let go of their children eventually.

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