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"The argument is thin because it seems highly unlikely that the USA would ever deprive the rest of the world access to the civil GPS service"

The US system isn't accurate enough - and without "competition" from other providers it never will be..

FWIW my old Saumsung Galaxy Note 4 can see Navstar GPS, Glonass, Beidou and Gallileo from its london location. Newer phones add to that mix plus tend to be dual/triple band, unlike the older L1-frequency-only receivers.

Russia and China hastened adoption of their constellations by slapping a tarriff on any navigation products (and phones) imported that don't support them.The EU probably won't do the same thing, but it's hoping that a 10-20 times better level of civilian accuracy will sell it.

As for the chipmakers: it's cheaper to roll all the standards into one chipset than to produce a dedicated device and the units have more than enough horsepower to keep up with a miniscule power budget, so that's what they've all done. (makes a change from my motorola A1000 that'd flatten its 2100mAh battery in 40 minutes if the GPS was left switched on, wasn't very sensitive and took 20 minutes to get a lock)

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