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> I have no idea why anyone, anywhere chooses to go with SAP for anything

There are only two big companies SAP and M$ that have such a powerful sales force. (maybe Oracle is the third) And they bribe and lobby governments and TOP 2000 companies all over the world. Ever wondered who paid the vacations, golf-club-membership and "fun-cars" of CEO/CTO/CCO/CIO/CFO of TOP 2000 companies - it's SAP and M$, when they made a new deal. So basically the companies pays SAP and M$ 100 million USD, and SAP and M$ pay the corporate board members each 2 million worth in cars/vacations/luxury-memberships/etc. In the end the TOP 2000 companies bleed lots and lots of $$$. And the normal employees suffer greatly.

That's why so many companies use SAP ERP/HANA and Windows10 + Office365.(In the end, they target not just the TOP 2000, but probably the top 100000 companies worldwide).

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