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SAP user interface is soo old-school. It renders tables in ASCII-characters! Common shortcuts don't work. Every screen looks different. Something like a fulltext search, nope. Most fields have very limited char-limits. Basically ASCII 0-256 in LATIN-1 and up to 10 characters per field. The whole database table layout is cruft from 1990. SAP R/2 wasn't even relational, everything was stored in flat text files. And now SAP R/3 (which is still the state-of the art one, despite numerous renames) is more than 30 years old.

They tried to rewrite it in Java between 2000 and 2008, but it failed, and their NetWeaver crap is dead. So developer have to still use COBOLv2 aka ABAB to customize the screens. And now they try to create new screens in HTML5 with a UI library in JS that is 10MB big!! (see their github; oh the evil irony, no M$ has access to SAP private repo to copy things to their Dynamix^^).

Anyway, no wonder, the current head of UI at SAP is a "designer", he learned to "design houses", he is a fan of modernism/"Bauhaus" and has apparently no clue how to improve SAP UI at all.

Stay away from SAP, this old rusty crap.

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