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I see a satellite of a man ... Galileo, Galileo, Galileo, Galileo, that's now 4 sats fit to go

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"Given that the EU members seem hell bent on having pathetic military capabilities"

I read recently the Germans were discussing meeting their NATO required spending to which one of them said they wouldnt know how to spend that much nor on what. Considering their airforce has less than 10 working eurofighters of 70 and when they sent pilots and aircraft to help in Iraq the only one to arrive at the destination was the war minister I think it would be pretty easy.

"why the EU is bothering with Galileo at all apart from the bragging rights"

I am a little bothered when people say the UK should build their own because the EU's is nothing more than a vanity project anyway. I am amused that the block in multiple (self inflicted) crises is blowing money on satellites but thats their problem not ours.

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