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If I'd have detailed this situation 5 years ago to my GP as reality they *would* have put me in a secure unit on the basis I'm nucking futs.

A Russian elected American president whose a deranged psychopath - elected by a mixture of hacking, misdirection and inbred rednecks.

A weekly US school machine gunning

An hourly London stabbing or death by moped

Imploding EU

Volcanoes erupting out of nowhere (trained geologist, that simply doesn't happen)

People actually listening to a Rees-Mogg.

Womb transplants

Murderous poofs on the beeb

Italians making cars (other than Ferraris) that people actually want!

American president trying to start 2 nuclear wars at the same time

Dogs and cats living together - mass hysteria

You'd never be able to sell modern reality as a movie script - no one would believe you.

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