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Prosper in what sense? The Commonwealth Games? CHOGM? Hmmm...

I emigrated in 2004 and live in Australia now. The Australian Government has made lots of nice noises towards its counterpart at Westminster, true. There have even been some trade agreement working parties. But there won't be any actual negotiations until after March 2019 for some peculiar reason.

However, after working through the same sort of preliminaries since 2015, guess who Australia's actually negotiating a comprehensive trade agreement with right now, even as I write? Oh yes, it's the EU.

In truth, the underlying position in Canberra towards the UK is polite indifference - "if we can do a deal and get something out of it, fine: if not, too bad, it's lower down the list of priorities than trade with China, the US and the EU".

Beyond that, even if it's not grounded in economic or political fact, the tide is against the UK: while some still sentimentally hanker, many older Australians and Kiwis have not forgotten what they perceive as Britain's betrayals in the 1970s. Meanwhile, as far as I can see, the younger ones simply don't care: the UK is just somewhere neat to go backpacking. The Commonwealth Games is merely an excuse for more 'Aussie Gold'. CHOGM 2018 was barely reported here (I had to hunt for coverage).

The world has moved on. So all I can say is good luck - you really will need it.

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