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No, this isn't a zip bomb. Those are zip files or other archive files that decompress to a bunch of data. Sometimes they are also recursive so they decompress to multiple copies of themselves. The goal of an archive bomb is making the system run out of resources: memory or disk if the zips expand to a lot of data, processor if they are recursive. Thus, the program running them will crash or run into problems.

This file wouldn't cause a crash. Instead, it would write files to a location that isn't planned. For example, imagine that you unzip a file on windows in c:\Users\me\extract. Normally, all the contents will be under that folder. The zip file, however, can be constructed so that it also decompresses to c:\windows\system32\explorer.exe. This overwrites it with a different file that contains malware, and now running the formerly trusted explorer process will infect the system. The zip is not meant to crash the system, but to infect it.

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