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SAP hopes to blow the doors off Salesforce with a block of C/4HANA

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Another spew of big, complex ERP, that will cost bazillions to implement and screw SAP's customers and in turn their customers.

Most big customer service operations are these days IT businesses with some "angle" on the side, like mobile handset leasing business, or a water distribution network, or an energy trading platform, or a broadband or content resale operation. And the vast, vast majority think that buying from a big ERP vendor will deliver them salvation. History shows it won't, because the devil is in your own processes being mapped against somebody else's ERP concept - but unfortunately the choice to licence an ERP system means the customer doesn't own the code, has no control over the support life, and ultimately has signed a pact with the devil, where the devil dictates terms and pricing, not to mention periodic forced "upgrades" to whatever the cloven-hoofed one decides is "supported".

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