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I see a satellite of a man ... Galileo, Galileo, Galileo, Galileo, that's now 4 sats fit to go


If it was all about nostalgia why does it prosper ?

And the proposal is to work with the Commonwealth which inter alia would perhaps include trade agreements, beneficial to both parties, perhaps by reducing food tariffs, while extending the science & technical co-operation that is currently crippled by EU tariffs and rules explicitly designed to impose unfavourable trade conditions on our once favoured trading partners of the Commonwealth.

We did this before ( although we were promised that this would not happen), changed our trading focus, last time we swapped a global based market for a local continentally bound closed custom union which had/has the belief it should be a state. This time we can leave a customs union and rejoin a global market place, resolving the dichotomy caused by the wish of the EU governing (un-elected) bodies for ever closer union compared to the apparent wish of the British NOT to be part of a centrally governed super state

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