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I’m gonna probably jump to Android soon. I’ve used iPhone since the early days and am pretty much tired of the non-stop Apple works with everything as long as it’s Apple.

Home automation works if you have a unit in every room. Amazon Echo is $99 and Echo Dot is $29. So in a house with 5 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, two bathrooms and two hallways, the Echo is expensive but a reasonable solution. Home Pod is too big to begin with and even at half the price is too expensive.

I spend about $1000 a year on the iTunes Store. To control my music, either I have to store it on a server after downloading it or I have to use an Apple device. Movies can’t even be decrypted legally, so Apple is a requirement. We have 6 screens in the house, 4 have Chromecast built in. One has an Apple TV and the last has a PC.

We don’t want to add Apple TV to all the screens because they would need separate power and separate remotes. Then there’s the mounting issues.

So, we often find ourselves renting films on Google that we already own on iTunes.

The door locks we have aren’t compatible with any service, but writing a skill for Alexa took about an hour. Writing a function for Cortana took 15 minutes.

I don’t believe I will be allowed by Apple to write the skill for Siri, so I’d have to throw away $2000 of perfectly good door locks.

I love my iPhone 6S Plus. But every iPhone patch breaks something new. Watching videos gets more and more inconvenient. My audible app actually skips... it sounds like a scratched record. I have an iPhone X but I’ll end up dead from using it.

Then there’s my car. iPhone integration isn’t bad. But if I want proper integration, I’ll have to pay $400 a year to BMW.

So, I may end up switching to Android even though I hate Android just because it actually gives me options. So I’ll have a phone that sucks, but at least it will work with my other stuff.

Oh, there’s the other issue. I’ve been waiting 8 years for a new line of Macs to buy. The last notebook Apple made which didn’t suck was the MacBook Air 11 inch. I still use a 2011 model of it. And Mac Mini is so out of date it is horrifying. If Apple doesn’t make a new PC suitable for software development before my MacBook dies, I don’t think I’ll buy anything current.

I’m pretty sure Apple as a tech company died with Steve Jobs :(

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