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macOS password management seems screwed anyway?

having recently updated a mac-mini to something bigger that should be able to run 3 x eGPUs when GPUs come back on sale, I noticed that I'm worried about Apple's parity

giving third-party password managers parity with Apple's own password manager

Apple's own Keychain doesnt have (all of) your passwords, many remain in Safari or Chrome.

Chrome wouldnt allow me to d/l my passwords - but would give them to anyone with access to who can guess my first password.

I eventually, by using Time Machine backups and finding an ancient version of Chrome, setting some obscure settings, was able to d/l all usernames & passwords in .csv format.

But safari, nope, Safari recently decided (from 10.0 onwards?) that it wouldnt give/export the owner their password list either, nor save it in local Keychain. I had to revert to post-it notes, copying one at a time.

I guess the national security letters are waiting around iCloud Keychain-sharing as well as the voice samples, after all, although Apple 'really believes' in 'our privacy' they also have no alternative but to comply with secret stuff.

this secret squirrel behaviour only offends ~5% of the USA tech staff, across all the US companies!

maybe I'm wrong, and 1-password (for example) can find everything that the data controller/owner can't

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