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Systemd-free Devuan Linux looses version 2.0 release candidate

Mike Tubby

Devuan and sysvinit all the way!

Devuan 2.0 RC now installed on several servers and 'just works'(tm) and likely to replace Ubuntu 16.04 as I also hate systemd for eating my servers!

Consider a system with a run away process (Sophos sav-scan on a large mail server), loadave goes up to 27, attempt to login and kill the process and gets 'Failed to connect to systemd' ... throws server in skip ... and expletives to Mr. Shuttleworth.

My systems now boot fast and clean, no silly animations, and everything works as it should ... especially Ethernet bonding which seems to have gone weird on Ubuntu 16.04 with identical boxes working, or more precisely not working, differently!


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