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> Just look at all the ways they now 'support' Linux

Yes, see the"systemd" shit, and who is responsible for it (RedHat). And how Microsoft "sponsors" now both RedHat and Ubuntu/Canonical and even Debian devs. Of course all these distros now force you to use "systemd". And of course systemd is backdoored, like Win10. And how Gnome and KDE desktop got more shit every release after the good Gnome 2 and KDE 3.5. Now it makes sense, M$ paid devs to make it worse and waste years doing shitty rewrites.

It was very telling with Canonical suddenly dropped both Ubuntu Phone and Unity desktop (the only successful Linux desktop it was in 2017), and got sponsored by Microsoft to develop the usermode Linux for Win10.

Or when Microsoft "sponsored" Cyanogen Inc (the company behind the former "CyanogenMod") to develop a "Cyanogen" Android distro that included M$ apps with spyware enabled by default. And suddenly both the Cyanogen Inc and the CyanogenMod vanished. Hurting the Android community to this very day, and many moved to iOS. Of course Windows Phone failed too, good, at least something. But the rooted Android market got almost destroyed an is nowadays a far cry. Who benefited from this. Microsoft, now their spyware Word/Excel/"fake Outlook" apps aren't run on rooted Android versions anymore, at least not so often as before. And the LineageOS is not really a successor, the community is almost dead and too small, and the few devices get dropped after single digit months.

Thank you Linus for Linux, but be more careful. Work together with GNU and cut the strings with Debian, RedHat, Canonical, Microsoft! Otherwise Linux is dead in the water in a few years, and we all will move to GNU Hurd or Magenta or BSD.

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