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> How can it possibly be worth that much?

1) Developers: No one who hasn't lived behind a rock the last 15 years would ever again develop against a Microsoft API. Their platform and their brands got burned. So Microsoft is seeking to brainwash young devs.

2) Open Source: the open source community at large is basically on GitHub. It's "their go-to platform". They have already started to brainwash younger devs to release their code under BSD license instead of GNU GPL a few years ago. Their Atom fork "VSCode" and their Javascript fork "Typescript" were attempts to get young developers back to their wasteland of platform (UWP Windows Store, Windows Mobile anyone, oh it's dead haha).

3) Private repositories: Many companies outsourced the Git repo hosting to Github. They pay to have it hosted as a "private repo". Guess what. Now Microsoft has full read access to all their competitors source code (minus the big 4 Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon; but all the rest). So today Microsoft is lacking behind in several gartner Quadrant, in 2019 Microsoft will have magically be the "leader" by simply knowing all secrets by looking through all competitors source code! Given that Microsoft was in talk with Github for more than two years, rest assure that all source code that was on Github starting in 2016 has been kept on backups, even if it was marked as deleted. They don't care about GDPR, etc at all anyway. They are too big and have too much money. Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn't been split up in the 1990s, they are still a huge monopoly and a very bad actor.

Shouldn't they sit in jail incl Bill, for evil anti-competitive behaviour over so many decades?

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