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"I don't consider VS to be 'great'."

*ESPECIALLY* versions after 2010. 2010 is the _LAST_ VS I will _EVAR_ use.

1. The newer ones have a 2D FLATSO look, jammed down your throat (or elsewhere)

2. The newer ones are oriented around 'The Metro' and UWP, from what I can tell

3. I thought the BEST IDE was DevStudio '98 where you could do EVERYTHING without lifting your hands of the keyboard, including the class wizard and dialog editor. It's been DOWNHILL since "DevStudio .Net" in the early 2000's

The _ONLY_ feature that I like in VS that's NOT in anything else is "virtual space". That's it.

Autocomplete gets in my way [I shut it off]. Background code scanning (for class info, etc.) is irritating, but I haven't had to shut it off (yet). The VB-ness of the UI, particularly 'property' displays for things like dialog box entries, are CUMBERSOME and require TOO MUCH "mousie, clickie, mousie, clickie" and moving my hand between keyboard and mouse, finding home row again, etc.. PAIN IN THE ASS.

VS is an example of what _MIGHT_ happen to GitHub, too. Wait until it becomes all 2D FLATSO and "touch friendly" and CIRCLE-JERKS you around when you try to find something in the help system (like MSDN has become). Too many pages with too little information, and ginormous 2D FLATSO "buttons" on them to go elsewhere, ending up back at themselves after a few mis-directions. Circle-Jerking.

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