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Massive drop in use of Skype vs other services.

LinkedIn encourages spam and illegal sharing of address books and not been improved by MS.

MS spent a fortune for ZERO in the Nokia debacle. No brand or IP and had to pay redundancies for all the factories and devs that Nokia was going to let go. Whose "Trojan" was Elop?

Skype was doomed by eBay buying it and has been wrecked by resale to MS.

"All Microsoft acquisitions met with a tragic end." Not True.

SQL was bought in from Sybase. It's done well (Powerpoint & Access should have been strangled 20 years ago, I think PP bought in).

Visio bought in, but MS has never improved.

So some have done great, some stagnate and some are unreal disasters. Like Homebase & CPW.

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