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I had always preferred my cows well done on a plate or as furniture, footwear (or any other garment or furnishing)

And this is why I think sheep should like me - I'd never, ever voluntarily eat one[1]. I wear plenty of stuff made from their wool though. And I would privately would admit to having a sh**pskin jacket..

[1] The last time I was presented with lamb that I couldn't refuse (without causing great offence) I managed to use up most of a jar of mint sauce - just so I wouldn't taste the lamb. Goat has a similar effect - I've tried curried goat a couple of times and I'd like to say I loved it (and probably would if it was anything other than goat or lamb) but I was nearly sick after a couple of mouthfuls. I just don't like lamb/mutton/hogget/goat.

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