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IBM has not ceased screwing us up for decades. Just search for articles (and a book) by Robert X Cringely (aka Mark Stephens) over the last 11 years or so. As he wrote in his latest annual predictions column (fun stuff: ):

"A recently-departed IBM sales guy told me the other day “you know they really hate you.” And it’s true. They hate me for my eleven years of reporting bad executive decisions and poor planning ever since I discovered in a hotel bar in Rochester, MN back in 2007 that IBM employees hated their company. I’ve probably cost IBM millions over that period but IBM management cost the company tens of billions over the same time. Hating must be easier than actually listening. "

In fact 2007 is when I was included with the thousands of IBM employees laid off that started Cringely on that crusade (actually, after 6.5 years, my feeling was "Free at last!"). Many of us were tageted for being over 50, having participated in a US labor law overtime violation settlement, and/or being paid more than non-US workers with the same nominal job skills/functions (Oracle Applications Server web admin in my case - replaced by Brazilian WebLogic admins, and the client, fed up with incompetence and "communications problems", demanded the support be brought back to the US 2 years later, which was taken on by a guy I mentored - I was happy where I landed, and retired from there 3 years ago with a layoff package to boot ;-} ).

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