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The more terrifying thing is when it's a herd of cows stalking you.

A single bull is more than sufficient.

One summer job I had was staking out the grid for a seismic survey: some geophysicist takes a map, draws a grid on it, then a bunch of fellows go out in the field to transpose each of the grid lines to the Real World. The first group has 1:10000 maps, compasses (pre-GPS, all this), a 30m long cord, stakes, and a notepad. Following a few km back are the grunts, carrying cables, geophones (kind of like a tent peg with a sensor on top), drilling equipment, explosives and cat litter. The first crew stakes out the line, noting the locations where the drilling pattern has to be changed because of proximity to underground cables, pipes, sheds, etcetera. The second crew places the geophones, drills holes in the ground, puts explosives in them and topping up the hole with cat litter, things go boom, geophones record reflections of boom against various underground layers, recording gets fed into a computer which then spits out a nice cross-section of the underground layers, geophysicist ponders output and divines the spot to drill for gas (in this case).

Some of that work was gruelling. You don't want to know how much time it takes to proceed through shrubland brimming with ripe raspberries.

One day I was working alone to stake out a section which took me through a meadow with a number of calves in them. Rather annoying, they tended to eat the stakes and crowd around me slowing my work, but never mind. As long as I could continue at the far end with maybe a few meters error, that would be fine; at the next point on the map that provided an absolute reference the error would be taken out.

A few fields on the occupants were adult cows. Still fine initially, they were in the field next to the one I was in. Alas, the gate between the fields was open, and one of them was not a cow. Who clearly resented my presence, and went to express his displeasure with great speed. This prompted me to perform a sprint that would have Usain Bolt take up bonsai gardening or something, finishing with a diving roll under a fence with a hedgerow behind it, allowing me to get out of sight of the bull.

I fully agree with the attitude expressed re. bovine uses.

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