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Regarding Java Minecraft

"All Mods and the big community is on Java client, yet it will never get the graphics improvements and new features - those are Win10 only."

So how do you explain the upcoming Project Aquatica?

Sorry, but you're talking bullshit. 1.13 gets the Java edition a completely overhauled (improved) command system, new blocks and mobs, new game designs (buried treasure, sunken ships, ocean ruins, and dolphins which can lead you to said ruins), improved world generation, new biomes, severely improved customization (create your own crafting & smelting recipes, functions, structures.. and add 'm all into your own datapack)...

It even enhanced graphics; full screen playing is handled a lot better these days.

Not just that:

* Game library updated to LWJGL 3.

* Optimized cloud rendering.

* Optimized fog rendering.

Or what about this, a planned feature:

* World generation will become data-driven, using json files, allowing for custom structures.[12]

Sorry, but you're sharing some very serious nonsense here.

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