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Wait, stop here.

"Google Summer of Code is a global program focused on bringing more student developers into open source software development". Since 2005.

Since this year, all new Chrome OS machines could run native Linux apps (chromebooks, chromeboxes, tablets), natively. By Google will.

Chromium OS is still here, as open source. Supported by Google.

Google Code died, but it was a good try in right direction.


I should stop here; find equivalents at Redmond. "All-In-One Code", "code share", "live share"? ReactOS?

ReactOS - name of the project speaks for itself: it is reaction to the closed proprietary spaghetti code product. It is not related (or promoted) from Redmond, just the opposite.

Google is parasite to the open source community, no doubt. As e.g. Canonical is, just much more successful! BUT: parasite could be a part of functional ecosystem, even with slurping stuff for it's own goods, as long as it allow (or support) other part of the system to exist. Btw, Google wanted to join in partnership with Nokia (and give Android + support for free), Maemo Linux was interesting project to Google... just Nokians were too greedy. Maemo/Sailfish runs Android apps at similar way as Chrome OS does today.

Actually, with Google, indy devs (e.g. for Linux) could become more self-sustain, by linking commercial versions of their open source stuff through Google Store, to Chromebooks etc.

We don't have to be neo-luddites, corporations are here to stay, unfortunately. Chocolate factory is significantly lesser evil IMHO.

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