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Is Microsoft about to git-merge with GitHub? Rumors suggest: Yes

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F*ck, I hope not.

I really struggle to understand what MS wants to achieve from this.

Gonna be hard to really monetize. GitHub is all about developer mindshare, but developers will essentially fall into two camps - those who don't care that MS owns Github. And those who passionately will hate it and will not forgive. I assume the first camp will be the majority, but by definition they won't care much for MS's association, so not much is achieved there.

If big enough, the second camp risks this being the kiss of death. Certainly, hipness and street cred go out the window when geriatric MS is involved in this type of stuff.

The, much smaller, 3rd group, those who actively will welcome MS involvement, are already drinking the MS KoolAid, so why bother?

MS is at its hippest when it just _uses_ GitHub. That's a show of openness and hipness from them, rather than the dreaded Embrace, Extend, Extinguish some commentards love to accuse them of (as if they have had much luck dominating any new markets lately)

But, hey, if MS had $26B to burn on LinkedIn - which had the same questions about it - why not? It's not like they have anything useful to do with their money, like making their OS more reliable and secure or having a credible mobile OS for the next 20-30 years. Or just returning it to shareholders, rather than burning it.

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