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Your F-35s need spare bits? Computer says we'll have you sorted in... a couple of years

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Something I don't understand about the purchase and sale of military equipment is that if a country buys, as in this example, fighter aircraft from another country what is the guarantee that replacement parts and even replacement aircraft will be available in the future? I understand that design and manufacture of many pieces of advanced warfare equipment would be difficult for many countries but there's no national security in that context without a nation building their own. I think Trump and Erdogan illustrate that nicely.

Conversely, where are protections of the, possibly, new technology used in a nations technology that is built into these aircraft, insert any advanced device, once that device has been sold to another nation?

If a nation does buy aircraft from another nation the only way to guarantee the purchasing nation's ability to keep those in the air and have replacement aircraft is to have the ability to build all the parts for that aircraft within the nation that has purchased that aircraft.

So, the nation or company that developed said aircraft would then sell the design specs and material manufacturing specs to another nation I suppose. There'd have to be an agreement to not sell any of that on.

The F-35, to my limited understanding, looks like a semi-functional money pit. I wonder how the Saab Gripen stacks up and what are other potential replacements?

As a side note, neither nor anyone I know have any connection to Saab or any of it's subsidiaries, of which I am aware :)

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