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Re: the survey only listed Disney as a viable acquirer. How about AOL?

Sometimes these behemoths don't know how polluting they are of the ecosystem.

Au contraire, they know that exactly. Why do you think they would otherwise do this?

The problem is that few people know enough of history to notice it repeating itself. Microsoft had a good run with SCO, but quickly discovered that something that overt would wake people up, so I reckon that this is where the process of subversion (apologies for the pun) started - it was exactly their history that made me wary of their later Linux "friendly" efforts. Google has been following the exact same playbook of subversion, coldly ignoring inconvenient laws and lying through their teeth, but they have at least been smarter in how they went about implementing - it's taken a long time for people to realise just how pervasive it is in what it does.

I reckon that, ultimately, Google will buy Microsoft to have full control. That, finally, will complete their Panopticon plans.

Back to Git, why wasn't there a "none of the above" option? Or maybe the FSF? No, wait, the latter wouldn't have enough money - but it could set up a Git replacement before the sale has completed..

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