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This is for anything but a simple organisation. Data are held for third parties. They define personal data that are no longer required, the age of data to be cleared down, and when it should be activated. If the third party has a need to retain the data for their own internal or legal purposes, that is their choice. They know that once the clear down is activated, historic data cannot be recovered. The minimum retention period should be sufficient to comply with potential legal requirements, HMRC requests, and so on, if the third party has any sense.

Remember the 'right to erasure' does not apply 'for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.'. Neither does it apply if the personal data is necessary 'for the purpose which you originally collected or processed it for'.

I'm not involved in the legal side of the business, but the above seems to indicate that if there is a potential legal liability, data retention up and until the limit of that liability is fine.

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