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"IPv6 address space is stupidly large"

The idea being that having to do it again will be a very long time in the future.

When IPv4 was created., 4 billion addresses was stupidly large space for the few hundred (possibly a few thousand) machines on the 'net and clearly not enough if the net went large (noone was sure how large it'd grow, or if it'd grow at all) - but that didn't matter as it was a hacky kludge only intended to last 4-6 years until the "real" internet protocol was finalised (which would have been IPv5). Original allocations were /8s and it was only when it became clear that IPv4 would have to stick around longer than expected that it downshifted to /16s

What happened to IPv5? It's still around. We know it as IPX (Internet protocol exchange), but it was impossible to route efficiently with it, so nobody bothered adopting it.

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