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We brought it up before. It's getting coverage now because the law is now in effect. Such is life with news.

There are actually sections in the GDPR that speak to technical infeasibility and undue burden as a defense against certain requirements of the law. In addition, the need to keep the data for other valid business purposes is also a defense.

As to what you're proposing (restore, delete, backup again) for every single request? The cost is so high that most companies would just pay the fine if the law were to be enforced that stringently. We're talking costs in the tens of millions every single time you get a request. My opinion is that is never going to happen. Not to mention the risk of doing something wrong and doing damage to the company.

The ICO said they will provide guidance on this soon, and I for one am looking forward to it. I'm willing to bet the advice is going to be closer to what Robert Wassall said in the article. The data needs to not be accessible to production systems, not be used for any decisions, etc. To that i would add that a company must commit to deleting it if it ever DOES come out of the backup system via some kind of restore.

My opinion so far.

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