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"I'm not sure the filing room analogy works here. In this analogy, the filing room represents the main "production" copy of the data. And yes, you WOULD have to delete it in that case.

But imagine, if you will, you had a scanned JPG of every piece of paper in each drawer, stored in a completely separate system. Continue to imagine that you don't have OCR, so you can't scan the contents of each JPG without physically pulling each one up, reading all the words in it, then moving on to the next image. Now imagine being asked to redact info from those JPGs without the ability to search them. Now you're a bit closer to what we're talking about here."

Just because it's difficult, maybe even impossible without deleting your backups, doesn't necessarily mean you don't have to do it under the law. If your backups are required by law, then you might have to restore then, delete the data, then re-archive.

Nobody said that new legal requirements would be easy, but you know, people had two years to think about this. Why has it taken until a week after the law started for someone to say 'what about backups'?

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