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The glorious uncertainty: Backup world is having a GDPR moment


I first wrote about the issue of data backups re GDPR a year or so ago and many times since. Amazing how many times I wrote about it and yet it is only getting attention now. I mentioned it in forums here on El Reg (a well read tech site), on Facebook (a well read social site), in my own blog posts on my own sites (sites that attract techies), on Quora in answer to GDPR and EU related questions, in other places around the web, to my clients (who understood my advice), and to every day people when GDPR came up for discussion. I doubt I am the only person to consider the implications of GDPR. What did I get for my reward? Take a guess.

This is not a newly recognised issue. It is an obvious issue that has been willfully ignored. How did people miss this?

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