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Bob Camp

IPv6 should have taken off by now

Isn't IPv6 over 20 years old? If it were actually good in everything it had to do wouldn't it be widely adopted by now?

If I had a nickel every time I heard "this is the year IPv6 will really take off" and "this is the year of the Linux desktop" I'd be a billionaire.

Backwards compatibility is *everything* in the technology world, especially if it's something the average Joe uses. I don't care if your solution is supposedly superior, if it's missing backwards compatibility than it's actually inferior despite what you think. Your 4G cell phone still supports 3G and 2G for a reason. Your 4K TV still supports 480i for a reason. You can run almost all Vista apps in Windows 10 for a reason. And in all those examples, there is a consumer-visible benefit of upgrading unlike IPv6.

Things were far different 20 years ago than they are today. Why continue push a 20-year-old solution for a modern problem? So the UN came up with solutions, which the IPv6 advocates/snobs were automatically going to hate for various reasons (mainly pride). But the real message from the UN to IPv6 advocates is that backwards compatibility with IPv4 is essential. Stop providing excuses and start providing solutions.

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