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I love the 'just delete on restore' answers - implying that the posters are working in wonderfully organised IT shops, with everything QA'd and stored on one monolithic central IT system. Maybe come down from the tower occasionally and meet the real world of personal data scattered in Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, pdfs and for all I know coded into C# objects.

Now a sane person probably wouldn't lose much sleep over someone finding a list of invitees to a conference held 5 years ago, stored on a CD marked 'My C:\drive backup' - but so far there's little evidence of sanity around. The asylum's latest suggestion is a 'clear desk' policy, in case personal information is compromised, applied to workers who don't ever handle personal data - but I guess you can't be too careful - after all that scientific report you are referring to to do your job was written by a person, and that person's name is written on the cover, and where they work...won't anyone think of the children?

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