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Where I work we're on an 11 year retention policy for every single piece of data. We have data stored on DDS DAT tapes, some of it is so old and has been deemed applicable to audit and must be kept. I remember an episode 2 years ago where the purchasing team had to source a working DAT tape drive from eBay or Craiglist or some such nonsense.

This raises the question, how can I erase your data if I cannot read it back? I appreciate the argument that, "Ignorance is no excuse." and "It's you're perogative to ensure you can read backed up data." but that argument will be tested at some point. You have Fred's data on a tape backup that you know you cannot dump in the bin but at the same time you can no longer read. What do you do? Break the law on retention or break the GDPR law? I suppose you pick the cheapest in terms of the fine and hope none of your customers find out! Ha ha!

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