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In some cases it is possible, say you've identified a row in a RDBMS that was covered by the RTBF request, if that row has a unique reference number (say customer or order ID), then you could add that unique reference number to your "future_forget" list. If the only way of identifying the row is by using the persons personal information, adding that to your "future_forget" list would have its own obvious GDPR problem, although you might be able to argue that that information was necessary in order to comply with GDPR and therefore lawful as long as you weren't using it to influence decisions. If the law requires you to retain info, then a GDPR request cannot compel you to delete it. Of course in this instance the data only exists because of the GDPR request, but surely you need to track RTBF requests, to show you have complied with them, and to do that you have to store the requesters personal info in your RTBF tracker. I think it's fair to say that this whole area is somewhat unclear.

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