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I've spent a little more than 30 seconds on it, but i went with 6 octets with the IPv4 space in the top 255.255.IPv4, taking on board some of the usefull refinements from the IPv6 spec


a.b.c.d => X.Y.a.b.c.d Decimal

00:00:00:00:00:00 Hex (48bit) = Unspecified = Loopback = discard block = APIPA

0::02:00-00F::F = Reserved

010::0-01F::F = IANA

020::0-04F::F = Reserved (IANA Future Use)

050::0-05F::F = APNIC

060::0-08F::F = Reserved (APNIC Future Use)

090::0-09F::F = ARIN

0A0::0-0CF::F = Reserved (ARIN Future Use)

0D0::0-0DF::F = RIPE

0E0::0-10F::F = Reserved (RIPE Future Use)

110::0-11F::F = LACNIC

120::0-14F::F = Reserved (LACNIC Future Use)

150::0-15F::F = AFRINIC

160::0-18F::F = Reserved (AFRINIC Future Use)

190::0-19F::F = Private Address Space

20::0-3F::F = Future Use

40::0-5F::F = Future Use

60::0-7F::F = Future Use

80::0-9F::F = Future Use

A0::0-BF::F = Future Use

C0::0-DF::F = Future Use

E0::0-EF::F = Future Use

F0::0-FF::F = Future Use

FFFE0::0-FFFEF::F = Multicast

FF:FF:0::0-F::F = Ipv4 Migration

F::F = Broadcast

IPv6 address space is stupidly large, IIRC there is enough for 7 addresses for every atom in every person on earth an when you are talking frame headers, they become stupidly large, even with the header optimisations.

From my POV, The Issue with IPv6 adoption is security, no-one wants their internal addresses globally routable and the only reason the core is going to IPv6 is the lack of AS numbers, nothing to do with network addresses. I can see us developing a two tier internet, with an IPv6 core and an IPv4 edge with large orgs/lower tier ISPs doint the v6 to v4 NAT

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