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> The address space is not wasted, it is just vast. At my previous place, I had a fixed IP, a /64 allocated out of the /32 (I think) that my provider got assigned, out of the, say, /16 assigned to Canada. This way, anyone in the world just needs to know about the /16 to route packets for me to "roughly Canada", the (say) Toronto Internet Exchange just needs to know that 16 bits further down it went to my old provider, etcetera. It limits route tables to really manageable entries and you can still have tons and tons of top level ISPs.

How does this work if you are a multinational organisation? Does that mean you can't use your /64 to cover all your offices in all the countries they are in? Do you need a separate (purchased?) allocation for each different country you operate in? or perhaps even further down, each different city you are in if the blocks are geographically assigned?

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