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1.4 million routes doesn't really sound like much to me for 2022.

It's the exponential part of it that is the issue, 1.4 million in 2022, 2 million the next year. The more we squeeze IPv4, the more fragmented IPv4 space becomes, and more routes are required.

As an example of an affected router, 3 years ago the thick end of $20k bought you a Cisco 7600 series, which has a hard limit of 1 million IPv4 routes/512k IPv6 routes (IPv6 routes takes twice as much space, your choice on how you split it), and 512k IPv4 FIBs and 256k IPv6 FIBs - ruh-roh.

That router is EOL/EOS, but still supported by Cisco until 2022 (assuming you keep paying).

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