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Internet engineers tear into United Nations' plan to move us all to IPv6

Phil W

"Doesn't really matter if you knock 50 years off of the life of v6"

I'm inclined to agree especially if this is accurate

"The model shortens the expected usable life time of IPv6 by at least 25 per cent, or 42-plus years at the current internet growth."

It would imply that 25% of the projected life of IPv6 is 42 years, meaning that even under this flawed plan it would have a life of ~126 years?

I would be shocked if it was still relevant in 126 years, or would be if it weren't for the fact that I'll be long dead, I'm more than happy to let my great grandchildren deal with running out of IPv6 addresses.

Unlike climate change this is definitely a problem where a plan that only works for another 100 years will do just fine.

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