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Re: problem is not IoT, it's no "home (as in private) networks".

"All those devices already meet certain design and safety standards: toilets prevent the output contaminating the fresh water supply; toasters meet fire and electrical safety regulations; fridges don't leak dangerous refrigerant. The problem is, we don't have IoT security standards that manufacturers have to follow."

And yet people STILL complain when (a) people pour bleach and ammonia down the bowl trying to bust up a crap clog, (b) people stick forks in the toaster, (c) people chisel ice off the freezer and punch the refrigerant feed, etc. And that's dealing with products that are manufactured or at least assembled domestically. At some point, you have to wonder if you're expecting too much of the average consumer. Turning security over to the end user doesn't mean much if they're the LEAST competent people at the job.

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