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Re: ICANN not understand how you wrote this article !!!???

"If you are being attacked by all sides surely you're doing something right.

The article could also just be ICANN's viewpoint. We might not agree with it but BBC is supposed to be neutral. Supposedly".

There are two possible reasons to be attacked by all sides:

1. You are generally neutral and 'all sides' are aggrieved at some point !!!

2. You are slapdash and misreport both sides at times. !!!

I leave the choice to you !!!

If the article IS just one particular view it is usual to frame the piece with a disclaimer of some sort to make the basis clear.

This is not the case with this article.

It is simply a condensation of someones 'pitch' without balance or reference to another view.

Lazy journalism to fill up space on the BBC News Website .... no more !!!.


In case you wonder, I am the original AC and someone who supports the BBC and does 'generally' think they are balanced.

I have never called then 'left' or 'right' biased as tends to be the case nowadays.

I just dislike such lazyness.

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