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I've seen several examples recently with a pattern of US lawyers with limited experience of a field of law collecting large fees for rather feeble cases. Most recently, it was a personal-injury specialist from Texas taking on a Federal Trademark case, and trying to dodge the whole Trademark Registration procedure with a court case. The laughter from IP lawyers was muted, but unmistakable. The style is very different.

Are ICANN that stupid? You would think they would at least have involved a competent German lawyer. Some of the labels and concepts are different, but this is part of the point of having Barristers in the UK. The boundaries have blurred, some solicitors can now do jobs that only used to be open to Barristers, but this does look like what you get if you ignore competent and relevant legal advice.

Though there might have been some time pressure. Things do, generally, look a bit too last-minute on GDPR, and not just because the UK government is running around like a headless chicken on anything to do with Europe. But how much of that is wilful American-led blindness?

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