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"How did they fix the OS so that the root password was unchangeable? They made a very special effort to mess it up this badly!"

or maybe this was added as an 'extra security layer' to something that didn't have ANY security at all?

according to THIS reference, it appears to use something called 'ROS' aka 'Robot Operating System' and a framework called NaoQI. [It's probably pronounced "now chi", my best guess]

The 'NaoQI OS' is described as "the name of the operating system that manages our robots. It was custom-made by us, and it is this system that gives the robot his basic personality and enables him to come to life as soon as you switch him on. As soon as they are activated, our robots look, listen and are already active within their environments."

Anyway, I'd say the problem is either the basic 'ROS' itself, or something that was done in the NaoQI framework that has poor security.

/me has to wonder if a BSD-based operating system would have been a good choice, or Linux if they don't mind open sourcing the basic OS part...

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