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too much security

I'm starting to get the impression that some of these 'security researchers' are just making a mountain out of a molehill for the sake of publicity.

Not EVERYTHING has to be secure by design. Especially things that are toys, or research tools.

I've got a drawerful of sharp knives in my kitchen. Someone could easily break a window, climb in and kill me with them.

I've got a garage full of tools to help them break in. A gas pipe full of gas to set a fire with. A water tap that could be used to construct a DoS moat. A piggy bank that can be robbed just by dropping it and stealing the £5 that falls out.

Get a grip folks. If you're going to pick faults in things that don't actually need to be secure, at least write up a decent abuse scenario and risk management strategy. So we can decide if we actually give a ff.

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