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Don't understand the correction of the previous post.

Everyone (even a retail broadband user) is "stuck behind a NAT". And most retail broadband users are at home with other people on the same LAN, i.e. with "quite a few other home users".

Well, I'm not. And in fact, most residential customers are behind a NAT by choice - they aren't 'stuck' in that they can remove the NAT and have a NATless single IP4 address.

However, I think the confusion comes in in the reading of the following sentence:

You're stuck behind a NAT along with quite a few other home users.

He meant "you and a few other home users are stuck behind [the same] [CG-]NAT" not "you are stuck behind a NAT and other home users are also stuck behind their own NAT"

Add to that, I'm a grumpy old git...

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